Like most of you we have had to contend with cheap mass produced razors and shaving products that are not only costly but disrespect our face and body leading to afflictions including razor burn and rashes. There are alternatives out there including traditional straight razors, safety razors and 100% natural soaps that offer a far superior shaving experience for comparable cost.

Not only do traditional shaving methods provide a superior shave they are also less damaging to the environment as they are re-usable and generate minimal waste. Orcadia is committed to working toward a zero waste goal with both our products and how we conduct our business.

Read on below to discover more about Orcadia

Our Origins

Orcadia was established in late 2014 and has gone on to serve thousands of satisfied customers. Our founding member Kris previously worked as a Project Manager, Geologist and Environmental Scientist before deciding on a change of careers. Orcadia was born through an interest of traditional products and a strong focus on working toward Zero Waste both with the products we sell and how we run our business.

We started Orcadia with one stock item, a Damascus Steel Straight Razor, which sold out quickly. The profits from this initial batch allowed us to expand our range and before long we were stocking brand name items from Dovo Solingen, Merker Solingen and Muhle.

Our Name

The name Orcadia (pronounced Or-Kay-Dee-Ah) comes from Lake Orcadia, a fresh water lake that occupied most of north-east Scotland and the Orkney Isles from the Devonian Period some 420 to 360 million years ago. Lake Orcadia is well known as a source of high quality fossilised fish including some of the earliest examples of lung fish that were able to survive for short periods on land. It was chosen as our company name due to Kris being born in north-east Scotland and spending a large portion of his youth collecting fossilised fish from the former lake bed.

Our Vision

Orcadia’s vision is to promote the use of traditional products, particularly with regards to shaving. We believe that:

  • Traditional shaving tools offer a far superior shave to cheap mass produced razors and accessories.
  • Traditional shaving tools offer benefits to all genders by providing a superior shave, these benefits should be available to all, not just Men and their faces.
  • Through use of traditional products and methods we can reduce waste being sent to landfill and work toward a zero waste goal.
  • That customer satisfaction is paramount

Our Future

The future of Orcadia is clear to us. As we continue to expand and grow our product range we remain committed to stocking high quality traditional products with a goal of working toward Zero Waste. We are currently working on several new initiatives that will be rolled out in the future including:

  • Clear identification of products that are vegan (no animal products used), 100% natural and organic.
  • Detailed How to Guides for creating your own products such as Beard Oils and Soaps.
  • Promoting the use of traditional shaving methods and tools to all genders.

In 2017 we will continue to expand our range to include brands including Anthony: Logistics, Baxter of California, Captain Fawcetts and Thiers Issard among others.