The Muhle Stylo Double Edged Razor with African Blackwood handle (R75SR) is a truly beautiful razor. Weighing 72g the Muhle R75SR uses sustainable sourced African Blackwood as a handle with polished chrome highlights. African Blackwood has been used for over 500 years and is one of the hardest woods available. It displays a particularly beautiful dark brown to black grain which is enhanced by Muhle through turning, oiling and polishing to a mirror finish. Comes complete with one Muhle double edge razor blade to get you started and is presented within a gift box with white internal padding.


  • Sustainable sourced African Blackwood Handle
  • Polished Chrome highlights
  • A truely beautiful razor giving consistent and precision shaves
  • Compatible with all double edged razor blades
  • Consistently provides a clean and smooth shave
  • 6 Months Standard Warranty on all Muhle Razors