At Orcadia customer satisfaction is our priority. When you buy something from us you can be secure in the knowledge that we are happy to help if needed. All our products are covered in Australia under our standard 6 month warranty.

If there is a fault within 6 months of your purchase get in touch with us. In most cases we will offer a replacement or refund of money. Any replacement will be provided free of charge. Proof of purchase must be provided when requesting action under the standard warranty.

The customer is responsible for inspecting all good received from Orcadia upon arrival. If a product has been damaged during transit the customer must report to Orcadia via before the product will be replaced.

Our warranty does not cover the following:

  1. to defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal ageing of the Product,
  2. to defects or damage caused by improper treatment, abusive treatment, unauthorised modification or careless handling. Rust comes under the heading of careless handling and is not covered by the warranty. Blade and handle have to be cleaned and dried carefully after use. For long term storage the blade should be lightly oiled and the open straight razor be kept in a dry environment.
  3. to defects or damage to a straight razor caused during sharpening or honing by lack of skill
  4. to defects or damage to a straight razor or safety razor caused by improper use. Our razors are intended for shaving purposes only and contact with anything other than skin or hair may result in damage to your razor.
  5. Damage to the winding mechanism of pocket watches due to excessive winding. The internal mechanisms of watches are delicate and care should be taken to avoid excessive winding which may damage the watch. Guidance for our pocket watches is provided on the relevant product page and description.