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Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade Review: Why Aussie Blokes Love It

by Orcadia Grooming 17 Apr 2024

You're a bloke who takes pride in your appearance. You like to style your hair but don't want anything too shiny or greasy. This Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade review is for you. Coming in at just under $20 a tin, this pomade gives a natural matte finish that lasts all day without feeling stiff or crunchy. It washes out easily too. Made in the USA, Layrite pomade has a smooth creamy texture that styles hair with a flexible hold. The beeswax and castor oil ingredients condition hair without leaving residue. If you want hair that looks naturally styled with a subtle shine, keep reading to see why Aussie men are choosing Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade.

Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade - First Impressions

High-Quality Ingredients

When you first open the tin, you’ll notice the pomade has a pleasant, natural scent from essential oils like lavender and citrus. Layrite uses high-quality, nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax, and castor oil to moisturize your hair and provide a strong, flexible hold without any stiffness. For guys who care about what they put in their hair, the natural formula is a big selling point.

Matte Finish With Medium Hold

As the name suggests, this pomade provides a matte finish with medium hold and natural-looking style. It’s perfect for casual, messy styles or smoothing down flyaways. The matte effect means no greasy or wet-looking hair - just natural-looking locks with texture and flow. For added volume or extra hold, you can layer it or combine it with a pre-styler.

Water-Soluble and Re-Stylable

One of the best things about Layrite Natural Matte Cream is that it’s water-soluble, so it washes out easily with just water. No harsh shampoos or special removers needed. It’s also re-stylable throughout the day so you can refresh your look or change it up without a full wash. For low-maintenance guys who want an easy, versatile product, this pomade is a winner.

Overall, Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade lives up to the hype. The high-quality ingredients, matte finish, medium hold, and water solubility make it an essential for any bloke’s grooming kit. Once you try it, you’ll see why it’s so popular with Aussie men.

How Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade Performed for My Hair

Strong Hold Without the Crispy Feeling

If you’re after a pomade that provides solid hold for your hairstyle all day long without making your hair feel like a helmet, Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade delivers. This stuff locked my hairstyle in place for over 12 hours but still left my hair feeling soft and natural. No crunchy, crispy feeling here which is a huge win in my book.

Matte Finish With Minimal Shine

Just like the name suggests, this pomade provides a matte finish with little to no shine. If you prefer a more natural, textured look rather than a greasy, wet-looking style, Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade is ideal. It worked perfectly for my hairstyle, allowing me to achieve plenty of height and shape without looking like I dipped my head in a vat of grease.

Water-Soluble So It Washes Out Easily

Even though this pomade provides strong hold, it’s still water-soluble so it washes out easily with just water. No need for any special shampoos or detergents to strip this stuff from your hair. I had no issues rinsing it from my hair in the shower with just warm water and a bit of shampoo. My hair felt fresh and product-free after washing which is exactly what you want in a water-based pomade.

Overall, Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade lived up to the hype for me. If you’re after a high-quality pomade that provides strong yet natural-looking hold, a matte finish and washes out easily, you really can’t go wrong with this stuff. The Aussie blokes have got it right with this one!

Why Aussie Blokes Love Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade

It’s formulated for the Australian climate

As any Aussie bloke knows, the weather down under can be brutal on your hairstyle. The humidity wreaks havoc, and you need a product that can stand up to it. Layrite’s matte cream pomade is made with ingredients suited for Australia’s climate, like beeswax and lanolin, which create a lightweight hold and matte finish. No more worrying about your hair frizzing up or losing shape in the heat and humidity.

It has a mild, natural scent

Aussie men prefer grooming products with a subtle, natural aroma. Layrite delivers with a creamy vanilla scent from natural ingredients that isn’t overpowering. You won’t be smelling like coconuts or mangoes, just a mild natural fragrance that fades into the background. For blokes who don’t want strongly scented hair products, Layrite is a great choice.

It offers a natural-looking matte finish

The matte finish of Layrite’s cream pomade looks natural and not greasy. It has a medium hold that can be restyled during the day, with a soft, touchable finish rather than a stiff, crunchy feel. This natural-looking matte finish is perfect for casual, everyday styles that Aussie men prefer. You’ll look put together but not like you’re trying too hard.

It’s water soluble and washes out easily

Layrite’s matte cream pomade is water soluble, so it washes out easily with just water and shampoo. No special shampoos or solvents needed. Aussie blokes appreciate a product that is low-maintenance and convenient to use. At the end of the day, you can rinse it out with your regular shampoo and restyle as needed the next day.

Between the climate-friendly ingredients, subtle natural scent, natural-looking matte finish and easy washability, it’s no wonder why Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade has become a staple for Aussie blokes. For premium styling that suits the Australian lifestyle, you can’t beat Layrite.

Pros of Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade for Styling

Flexible, All-Day Hold

The lightweight formula of Layrite’s Natural Matte Cream provides a flexible hold that lasts all day but still feels natural. No matter how you style your hair in the morning, this pomade has enough hold to keep your style in place from sunrise to sundown without feeling stiff or crunchy. The cream base means you’ll have touchable, movable texture that’s never sticky or flaky.

Matte Finish With No Shine

Aussie blokes prefer a matte finish that looks natural rather than shiny or wet. Layrite’s Natural Matte Cream lives up to its name, drying to a matte finish without any greasy residue or shine. If you prefer a style with height and volume, the matte effect helps create texture and fullness. The matte finish also means this product works for any hairstyle, from a messy bedhead look to a tight fade with a hard part.

Water Soluble and Re-Stylable

Even with its strong hold, Layrite’s Natural Matte Cream washes out easily with just water. No harsh shampoos or detergents needed. The water-based formula simply rinses away when you’re done for the day. And if you want to re-style your hair later, just dampen it with some water and you’re ready to go. Re-activate the product with a bit more water or damp hair and you can create an entirely new look without adding more product. The re-stylability means a little bit of this pomade goes a long way.

Overall, Layrite’s Natural Matte Cream is an ideal styling product for any Aussie bloke looking for an all-natural, high-performance pomade. The flexible hold, matte finish and water solubility provide versatility and ease of use for any hairstyle you want to create. With its premium ingredients and artisanal production, this is a pomade you’ll want as a permanent part of your grooming routine.

Cons of Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade to Consider

Can be difficult to wash out

Since Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade is water-based, it washes out easier than oil-based pomades. However, it can still take a few washes to fully remove from your hair. The matte cream contains beeswax and carnauba wax which help provide hold and texture but require shampooing with a clarifying shampoo to break down. If you have a busy schedule and can’t wash your hair daily, this may not be the best choice for you.

Limited hold

The matte cream pomade provides a medium hold and natural-looking finish. If you prefer a strong hold pomade for sculpting styles or have unruly, coarse hair, the matte cream may not have enough hold power. You’ll need to reapply it during the day to reactivate the style. For the most hold, apply it to damp hair before blow drying and reapply to dry hair.

Can weigh down fine hair

For those with fine, limp hair, the matte cream may be too heavy. While it does provide a natural finish without greasiness, the beeswax and carnauba wax in the formula can weigh down fine strands and leave hair looking flat. If you have fine hair, apply it sparingly, starting with a pea-sized amount and adding more as needed. You may need to blow dry your hair while scrunching it with your hands to provide extra lift and volume.

The matte cream pomade works best for those with normal to thick hair who want an effortless, lived-in style with minimal fuss. By understanding the potential downsides, you can make sure Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade is the right choice for you and your hairstyle needs. For most Aussie blokes with the right hair type and desired style, the pros far outweigh the cons.


So there you have it, mates. Layrite Natural Matte Cream is legit for us Aussie blokes who want a natural-looking, matte finish without greasiness. The medium hold and low shine is great for textured styles or just keeping your hair neat. It washes out easy with shampoo too, so you don't have to worry about buildup. While it's not exactly cheap, the quality ingredients like beeswax and vitamin E make it worth the price if you want an all-natural pomade. Give it a go if you're looking to step up your hair game. At the end of the day, how your hair looks says a lot about you, so treat it right with a top product like Layrite. You won't regret it.

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