Product Spotlight - Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder 20g

In this product spotlight we are having a look at the very popular Slick Gorilla Styling Powder which provides a natural messy look with light to medium hold. 

Slick Gorilla are a relatively new and emerging brand from Leeds, England and have quickly built up a strong following based on thier flagship product styling powder. With unique branding sporting a Gorilla with slick hair Slick Gorillas mantra is to create the best hair products for men. The other products currently in the range include a lightwork pomade and a clay pomade

The first thing to notice is the packaging. Each bottle of styling powder comes in a basic black and white box with the Slick Gorilla logo and product information. Opening the box you will find a black plastic bottle that is similar to a talc bottle with perforated cap allowing you to dispense the poweder. The design is fairly basic and the first thing you will notice is how light the product is. Due to the feel of the bottle and how light it is our intial reaction was that this was a cheap product and we were not getting value for money. Thankfully this isn't the case as we'll see. 

Slick Gorilla Styling Powder

In terms of scent we couldn't detect one, not even a talc like odour and we would describe this as being completely scentless. 

Application is relatively easy and the powder dispenses easily from the bottle, just sprinkle a little on your palms, give them a little rub and apply to your hair. We found the powder has a slick stickiness to it and its best not to let it sit on your hand for too long. Application through the hair is easy and it felt like it spread evenly on the areas we applied it. Despite being very light in weight a little goes a long way here.

Our test subject had short length hair and the styling powder done a great job in providing a matt, no shine messy look. Styling and reworking we easy. We would describe the hold as medium and found that it couldn't be reworked very often through the day without losing its hold. We would think that this wasn't suitable to those with medium or long hair as the hold wouldn't be strong enough.   

Slick Gorilla Styling Powder provides great value for money. Despite intial reactions that the product was a little lacking in volume we quickly realised that a little goes a long way. With regular use we'd expect to have several weeks of regular use which for the price of $23.99 we would consider to be good value. 

Overall we would rate Slick Gorilla Styling Powder a 9 out of 10. Its priced well, provides a great matt messy look for those with short hair and we also like the fact that its unscented which is rare these days with hair products.