Product Review - Milkman Grooming Freshly Baked Beard Oil 50ml

We've stocked Milkman products here at Orcadia for several years now and they are a staff favourite. Milkman King of Wood and Citrus Supernova scents are extremely popular with both Milkmans beard oil and beard shampoo ranges while our personal favourite is the slightly smoky / tobacco scented Beard Candy Balm.

Recently Milkman have released a new range of products with thier Freshly Baked scent and today we are reviewing the Freshly Baked Beard Oil

The standard size of Milkman Beard Oils is 50ml so you get a generous amount of product for the price. All Milkman Beard Oils also come in the same bottle design which is an amber glass bottle with a black eye dropper cap. All the text and information on the bottle is printed directly onto the glass, not an adhesive label, and in our tests we found it to be highly durable and waterproof and will withstand a fair amount of abuse and punishment without washing off, perfect for those who keep their beard oil in a travel bag with other products.

Milkman beard oils are made from a combination of several oils including grape seed oil, safflower seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil. One thing we really like about Milkman Beard Oils is that they don't feel overlay oily on your beard after application like some other beard oils and with the include eye dropper it is very easy to apply the desired amount. 

One first opening the bottle you will be hit quickly by the Freshly Baked scent which can initally come across as very strong. Its a difficult scent to pin down with very sweet tones and without knowing the name of the scent our staff when asked to guess the scent all veered toward lollies. Our best description of the scent would be freshly baked iced buns. However we all liked the scent and were immediately drawn back for several more sniffs. On application the scent remains strong for the intial 10-20 minutes before fading to a more mellow level. The one thing we have noticed with the freshly baked scent it that it draws people back for more and we're constantly opening up our test bottle just to have one more sniff.  

With Milkmans Freshly Baked Beard Oil the team at Milkman have created another fantastic beard oil with a memorable scent that begs you to come back for more for just one more sniff. We would rate it a 9 out of 10.